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The Local Government Division ensures uniform accounting, budgeting, and financial reporting by Utah’s local governments. This is done by providing consultation, budget forms, and uniform accounting guidelines and services for counties, municipalities, school districts, and local districts.

The Division reviews independent audits of all units of local government for compliance with reporting standards and conformity with generally accepted accounting principles and State law. The Division also presents training to local government officials and to CPA’s conducting governmental audits.

This section of the website provides information to local government officials and accounting and audit professionals serving local government entities to help them comply with their financial obligations.  To sign up for the Local Government mailing list, enter your email below and follow the instructions to select the information that you would like to receive.

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For citizens or organizations interested in Accountability information, including past financial reports, about Local Government entities in the State of Utah, please visit the Local Government Reporting page or visit  Search Financial Reports of Local Government link under the Accountability section.