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Welcome to the News section of the website of the Office of the Utah State Auditor. The Office regularly publishes audits as they are completed. A selection of the most recent audits is included below. In cases where the audits were presented publicly, links to the presentation and any prepared briefs are included with the link to the audit itself.

A list of the other recent press releases and statements released by the Office follows.

Recent Audits, Reports and Presentations

Office Completes Audit of Federal Funds Received by State in Fiscal Year 2014

Office Issues A Limited Performance Audit of The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Office Issues A Performance Audit of The Governor’s Office of Economic Development Corporate Incentives Program

Office Issues Analysis of Utah Property Tax System Showing Significant Calculation Errors Across the State

Who Audits the Auditor? Office of the Utah State Auditor Successfully Completes Peer Review

Office Releases Audited Financial Statement of Utah Fund of Funds

Office Releases A Limited Performance Audit of The Utah State Fair Corporation

Office Releases List of Delinquent Filers Among Utah’s Local Government Entities

Office Issues Results of Investigation into Certain Financial Activities of Eagle Mountain City and Utah County

Office Releases A Graphical Analysis of Utah’s Reliance on Federal Funding

Office Releases An Inquiry and Analysis of Vehicle Usage in the Office of the Attorney General

Office Releases A Performance Audit of State Buildings and Land

2013 Audit Reports and News

Office Completes Audit of Federal Funds Received by State

Presentation of the DABC Financial Audit Progress Interim Report and Final Audit Report

A Performance Audit of the Division of Rehabilitation Services Cost Controls

A Performance Audit of State Agency Internal Audit Services

Utah Retirement Systems Performance Audit

Minimum School Program

Department of Workforce Services

Recent Statements and Releases from the Office