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Frequently Asked Employment Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Office hires qualified candidates for both Financial Audit and Performance Audit positions.

Does the Office hire experienced accountants and CPAs or only recent college graduates for the Financial Audit Team?
The Office hires both experienced accountants and new graduates possessing or ready for their CPA license for the Financial Audit team.

Does the Office hire experienced auditors and CIAs/CFEs or only recent college graduates for the Performance Audit team?
The Office hires individuals with Master’s degrees in a relevant field such as business, public administration, public policy, finance, economics or individuals with their juris doctorate, as well as CIA and CFE certified auditors for the Performance Audit Team.

Does working for the Office count towards experience necessary to obtain my CPA license (Financial Audit)?
Yes, your work experience qualifies for your CPA license. You will gain the same type of experience with the Office of the Utah State Auditor as you would working for a CPA firm that audits governmental clients.

Will the Office assist with the cost of a CPA exam preparation course (Financial Audit)?
The Office supports team members working towards their CPA including financial incentives to get their CPA license.

What certifications/licenses are available to or expected of Performance Auditors?
The Office encourages all performance auditors to complete the Certified Internal Auditor requirements within the first two years of employment. Additionally, based on Office needs, the Office will assist performance auditors who wish to become Certified Fraud Examiners  and Certified Government Auditing Professionals.

What attributes and skills are needed to be successful in the Office?

What does the Office do to help with Work / Life Balance?
We understand the challenges of keeping a balanced life.  The Office works very hard to balance the demands of a busy audit season as well as personal needs.

How much overtime is required?
You will generally work overtime during our busy season, September through November, and on out-of-town audits. The amount of overtime varies from year to year depending on which audits you are working on and changes in staffing levels.

How much travel is required?
You can expect some travel in order to accomplish the work needed.  Travel will vary depending on the audits to which you are assigned.