Office of the
State Auditor


Interactive Dashboards

The Office of the State Auditor provides interactive dashboards to make financial information more available and relevant. Our key, rich content sites include Transparent Utah, Utah Health Cost Compare, and Project KIDS.

Transparent Utah

Utah has been a leader in government transparency for over a decade with a commitment to making it easier for the public to get detailed financial information about state and local government spending. The Office continues its ongoing enhancements of Transparent Utah and Utah is one of the few states which includes detailed local government spending in its transparency website.

Project KIDS

Project KIDS is a special, in-depth performance audit of public education that integrates financial, operational, and performance data to create interactive visualizations. This informs Utah stakeholders where the money is going in public education, so they can better determine how well that money is being spent.

Utah Health Cost Compare

Utah Health Cost Compare provides a convenient way to compare the cost of a variety of widely used health procedures. Searches include the cost of a variety of traditional medical procedures, a comparison of medication costs, along with a new capability to compare the cost of a medical cannabis visit.