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State Compliance Audit Guide Working Files

2019 Working Files

This web page is the source of working files for the 2019 State Compliance Audit Guide. Each link directly downloads a working file that corresponds to the State Compliance Audit Guide.

If you are not able to access any of the following links, please email Mandy Teerlink for a copy of the working document.

Available Files

Table of Contents and Applicability revised 5-1-19

Chapter 1. Audit Procedures to be Performed Annually revised 5-1-19

Ch 1 Appendix 1. Compliance Risk Assessment

Ch 1 Appendix 2. Disposition of Justice Court Fines, Fees, and Forfeitures

Ch 1 Appendix 3. Restricted Tax Types and Shared Revenues

Chapter 2. Audit Procedures to be Performed at Least Every Third Year

Chapter 3. Audit Procedures for MSP Funds Received Through the Utah State Board of Education

Ch 3 Appendix 1. Instructions and MSP Schedule

Ch 3 Appendix 2. State and Federal Reconciliation

Chapter 4. Reporting Requirements and Examples

To find working files for prior years, visit State Compliance Audit Guide – Prior Years