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The State and other government entities provide a variety of public goods and services. Behind these efforts is a professional workforce of thousands of individuals working on a variety of issues and opportunities, from keeping the public safe to helping aid the poor while moving millions of us around efficiently.

Employees can work for multiple government entities. An example is a substitute teacher who works in multiple school districts or a firefighter who works for multiple fire departments.

To search for employee wages and benefits, select the year(s) and entity or entities that you want to search. The Name field will perform partial matches on last and first names. Remember that “Tom” and “Thomas” are not the same name and the employee search is performed on the legal name of the government employee. Also note that searching for “Doug” as a last name will return multiple last names including “Doug”, “Dougall”, “McDougall” and “MacDougall”. You can then use the list to refine your search.

Please note that the State and all other government entities only report payroll annually (3 months after the end of their calendar year).detailled search of employee pay for last name stringfellow

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