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GRAMA Requests

The Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) is a Utah law that deals with the management of government records. GRAMA specifies who has access to various state records and how the law is to be administered. It is intended to balance the public’s constitutional right of access to public information, an individual’s constitutional right of privacy when the personal information is collected by government entities, and the public policy interest in restricting access to certain records for the public good.

This page includes links to GRAMA requests submitted to the Office of the Utah State Auditor as well as the Office’s response to those requests, including links to all records made available under the GRAMA request.

To file a GRAMA request with the Office, please use the GRAMA request form.  Please email your request to Mandy Teerlink, GRAMA Officer, at

The Office charges fees for the production of GRAMA requests consistent with GRAMA regulations.  Click to see the Office’s fee schedule.

Links to GRAMA requests and Office Responses
Requester Request Office Response and Response Date
10/13/21 Leia Larsen, The Salt Lake Tribune
  1. 10-13-21 Request for Uintah County management representation letter. 
  1. Response on 10-25-21
  2. Management Rep Letter Draft
  3. Management Rep Letter Response
9/20/21 Accountable.US
  1. 9-20-21 Request for correspondence between Office and FIRM. 
  1. Response on 9-22-21.
  2. Combined Files Part I, Part II, and Part III.
9/14/21 Rob Van Dyke, Kane County
  1. 9-14-21 Request for hotline complaint information. 
  1. Response on 9-20-21
8/16/21 Scott and Sharon Miller
  1. 8-16-21 Request for correspondence. 
  1. Response on 8-31-21
7/20/21 Susan Seder
  1. 7-20-21 Request for records regarding the Utah Dept of Agriculture and Food. 
  1. Response on 8-2-21
7/19/21 Brady Eames
  1. 7-19-21 Request for records pertaining to the Open and Public Meetings Act and the Utah Public Notice Website.
  1. Response on 8-3-21.
7/19/21 Brady Eames
  1. 7-19-21 Request for correspondence about the Utah Association of Counties.
  1. Response on 8-3-21.
7/17/21 Brady Eames
  1. 7-14-21 request (and 7-19 amendment) for correspondence regarding Statewide Association of Public Attorneys of Utah. 
  1. Response on 8-3-21. 
  2. Files respondent to request.
7/6/21 Scott Miller
  1. 7-6-21 request for Auditor Dougall’s & Tani Downing’s correspondence related to various topics and recipients.
  2. 9-15-21 Appeal for fee waiver. 
  1. Response on 7-20-21 re Tani Downing
  2. Response on 7-20-21 re John Dougall.
  3. Auditor Dougall’s Texts.
  4. 9-29-21 Appeal Response
6/18/21 Husch Blackwell
  1. 6-18-21 Request for records responsive to Freeman Lovell’s 3/3/2021 request. 
  1. Response on 6-24-21
  2. See items below under Freeman Lovell, PLLC request.
6/17/21  Scott Miller
  1. 6-17-21 Request for Auditor Dougall’s correspondence related to various topics and recipients.
  2. 6-17-21 Request for Tani Downing’s correspondence related to various topics and recipients.
  3. 7-20-21 Appeal for fee waiver
  1. Response on 7-1-21 RE Auditor Dougall
  2. Auditor Dougall’s correspondence.
  3. Response on 7-1-21 RE Tani Downing
  4. Tani Downing Correspondence: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, and Part VI.
  5. 8-5-21 Response to appeal.
3/3/21 Freeman Lovell, PLLC
  1. 3-3-21 Request for Governor’s Office Chief of Staff correspondence with OSA. 
  2. 3-3-21 Request for Division of Purchasing correspondence with OSA. 
  3. 3-3-21 Request for Governor’s Office of Management and Budget correspondence with OSA.
  1. Response on 3-17-21
  2. Index of records provided to Freeman Lovell, PLLC.
  3. Correspondence for Tyson Plastow, Leslie Larsen, and Julie Wrigley Part I and Part II.
2/9/21 Bethany Brumley, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  1. 2-8-21 Request for Comprehensive Annual Financial Report workpapers and supporting documentation for FY19-20.
  1. Response on 2-18-21
  2. Summary of files for FY19 and FY20 Reports.
  3. FY20 files/workpapers
  4. FY19 files/workpapers
11/25/20 Clyde Snow & Sessions
  1. 11-25-20 Request for Utah Dept. of Agriculture and Food Special Projects supporting documentation.
  1. Response on 11-30-20.
11/20/20 Cathy McKitrick, Freelance Journalist
  1. 11-20-20 Request for Utah Dept. of Agriculture and Food Special Projects supporting documentation.
  1. Response on 11-24-20.
5/18/20 Brady Eames
  1. 5-18-20 Request for PTIF and State Treasurer records.
  2. 5-19-20 Revised Request
  1. Response on 5-20-20.
2/25/20 Chris Rebstock
  1. 2-25-20 Request for Audit Report RE: Inmate Placement Program. 
  1. Response on 2-25-20
  2. Link to Report
2/20/20 Accountable.US
  1. 2-20-20 Request for records and reports RE: FIRM and FIRM leadership.
  1. Response on 2-26-20.
2/5/20 Reginald Williams
  1. 2-5-20 Request for Special Project Reports list & audit reports RE: Dept. of Corrections. 
  1. Response on 2-13-20.
  2. Link to report and list of Special Project Reports
1/27/20 Roland Haslam, Morgan County
  1. 1-27-20 Request for hotline calls and complaints RE: Morgan County. 
  1.  Response on 2-4-20.
1/6/20 Zak Podmore, Salt Lake Tribune
  1. 1-6-20 Request for documents and correspondence RE: San Juan County Commission.
  1. Response on 1-10-19
  2. Combined files for request.
11/5/19 Neopost USA, Inc.
  1. 11-5-19 Request for postage equipment lease at Office of the State Auditor.
  1.  Response on 11-20-19.
10/31/19 Kathryn Loden
  1. 10-31-19 Request for list of disbursements RE: Inmate Trust Fund.
  1. Response on 11-5-19. 
9/23/19 Brady Eames
  1. 9-23-19 Request for ULGTC budgets. 
  1. Response on 9-23-19
9/3/19 Byron Ellis
  1. 9-3-19 Request for correspondence with Garfield County re: the website.
  1. Response on 9-9-19.
7/23/19 Brett Hastings
  1. Request on 7-23-19 for records related to HB441 regarding tax restructuring.
  1. Response on 8-6-19.
  2. Due to the high number of records, please contact the OSA
6/3/19 Brady Eames
  1. Request on 6-3-19 for notices sent from Lt. Gov re: registration of Logan City, Cache County, and ULGT.
  1. Response on 6-4-19.
5/9/19 Bethany Brumley, University of Illinois
  1. Request on 5-9-19 for audit workpapers related to Single Audit and CAFR for the State of Utah.
  1. Response on 5-17-19.
  2. Due to the high number of records, please contact the OSA.
2/5/19 Karren, Hendrix, Stagg, Allen & Company
  1. Request on 2-5-19 for documents related to Utah Communications Authority.
  1. Response on 2-18-19
  2. Due to the high number of records, please contact the OSA.

Robert Brown

  1. Request on 7-31-18 for “Documents I sent you yr 2015.”
  2. Follow-up Letter from R. Brown on 8-10-18.
  1. Response on
  2. Due to the high number of records in the response, please contact the OSA to request a copy.
5/2/2018 Lee Wood
  1. Request on 5-2-18 for audit report on Central Utah Correctional Facility (CUCF) on violating policy on urine testing.
  2. Request on
    5-25-18 for Audits from 2000-2018.
  1. Response on
  2. Response on
2/26/2018 Kyle Walker, Pelorus Methods
  1. Request on 2-26-18 for lists of local govt. entities within specific reporting thresholds.
  1. Response
    on 3-5-18 
 6/21/2017  Gary Forbush
  1.  Request on 6/21/2017 for a copy of letters from the Office to Sandy City concerning Enterprise Fund Transfers from the Water Fund to the General Fund.
  1. Response on 6/23/2017
  2. Additional Background information
    Auditor Alert 2014-01 – Enterprise Fund Transfers
 5/16/2017 Emma Penrod
  1.  Request on on 5/16/2017 for records related to the Division of Water Quality employee identified in a recent Office audit.
  1.  Response on 5/18/2017
 5/3/2017 Francisco Sueuz
  1.  Request on 5/3/2017 for records related to the Utah County Jail, Utah County Sheriff’s Office and Utah State Hospital.
  1.  Response on 5/15/2017
 4/24/2017 Edwin Mitchell Pirela
  1.  Request on 4/24/2017 for salary information at the Utah State Prison & Gunnison Central Correctional Facility
  1. Response on 5/4/2017
 4/7/2017 Proletariat Watch
  1.  Request on 4/7/2017 for The annual salaries of the highest officer (e.g., CEO, Administrator, etc.) of
    five Utah special districts.
  1. Response on 4/20/2017 from the Office
  2. Response on 4/19/2017 from the Department of Administrative Services
 1/19/2017 and 2/14/2017 Reginald Williams
  1.  Request on 1/19/2017 for audits on Unified Fire Authority and the Office of the Attorney General as well a request on 2/14/2017 for the Working Papers for the UFA Audit
  1. Response on 2/1/2017 for the Audits and link to one responsive audit and response on 2/24/2017 for the working papers
 2/9/2017 Richard Van Wagoner, Snow, Christensen & Martineau
  1.  Requests on 2/9/2017 for audit documents and applying Agreed Upon Procedures related to United Fire Authority
  1. Response on 2/22/2017
  1/3/2017 Deanne Winterton, the Morgan County News
  1.  Request on 1/3/2017 for State Auditor’s letter to Morgan County, perhaps Report No. MOCO-16-SP, dated around July 21, 2016.
  1. Response on 1/9/2017 and link to report
 10/13/2016  Lee Wood
  1.  Request on 10/13/2016 for “Audits done on all the money that is payed [sic] to the Utah State Prison… from 1999 to current 2016….”
  1. Response on 10/17/2016
 10/5/2016 Michael Lazar
  1.  Request on 10/3/2016 for uncashed or unclaimed checks, bonds, warrants etc
  1. Response on 10/5/2016
 1/14/16 Town of Mantua
Lori Hurd, Financial Clerk
  1.  Request on 1/14/2016 for Result of Working Papers review (year 2014) issued to Matt Regen, CPA, of Logan, Utah from the Utah State Auditor’s Office
  1. Response on 1/25/2016
 1/14/16 Reginald Williams
  1.  Request on 1/14/2016 for copies of two reports;  Report No. 13-JSSD-8L – Jordanelle Special Service District and Report No. 15-SIT-8 – School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration
  1. Response on 1/29/2016
 12/21/15 Reginald Williams
  1.  Request on 12/21/2015 for records relating to Federal Funds Compliance Audits and Fraud and Compliance audits
  1. Response on 1/6/2016
 10/29/15  Dan Harrie
  1.  Requestion 10/29/2015 for Records related to Claims submitted to the Board of Examiners for Monica Larsen Elliott,
    claim for $3,405,242
    and Brenden Yates,
    claim for $4,374,196
  1. Response on 11/15/2015
8/18/15 Jeffrey L. Silvestrini, Attorney for Skypark Airport Associates, LLC
  1. Request on 8/18/2015 for records relating to any complaints made regarding disbursement of grant funds by the Utah Department of Transportation to Skypark Airport Associates, LLC and/or Skypark Airport
  1.  Response on 8/26/2015 to 8/18/205 Request
 8/4/2015  Trent Henke
  1. Request on 8/4/2015 for records relating to audits of State entities including budget hours vs. actual audit hours as well as proposed and accepted journal entries
  1. Response on 8/17/2015.  Due to the high number of records, the records are available as a zip file
 6/8/2015 Mark Gaylord
Ballard Spahr, LLP for JSSD
  1.  Request for Production of Records on 6/8/2015 relating to JSSD and Report No. 13-JSSD-8L – Audit of the Jordanelle Special Service District
  2. Expected Cost Approved by Mark Gaylord 7/17/2015
  3. Appeal to State Auditor Dougall by Mark Gaylord 9/28/2015
  1. Response 6/10/2015 – Notice of Expected Cost of Production of Records
  2. Response on 6/22/2015 concerning Expected Cost of Production
  3. Response on 8/27/2015 including a copy of provided Records (33.5 MB file)
  4. Response on 10/13/2015 to 9/28/2015 appeal
2/19/2015  Utah Education Association
  1. Request 2/19/2015 for information related to a performance audit to help ensure the safety of vulnerable populations
  2. Appeal 4/6/2015 to 3/6/2015 Response
  1. Response 3/6/15 to 2/19/2015 request
  2. Response 4/16/2015 to 4/6/2015 Appeal including Audit Plan and Copy of Final Audit
 1/29/2015 Brian Maffly
Salt Lake Tribune
  1.  Request 1/29/2015 for information related Report No. 15EMCO concerning Emery County
  1. Response 2/4/2015 to 1/29/2015 Request
 1/28/2015 Nate Carlisle
Salt Lake Tribune
  1. Request 1/28/2015 for information related to Twin City Water Works, including any existing inventory of the responsive documents
  1. Response 2/3/2015 to 1/28/2015 Request
 10/24/2014 Stephen Capson, Wasatch County Councilman and JSSD Board Member
  1. Request 10/24/2014 for any information related to Stephen Capson
  2. Appeal 11/7/2014 of 11/3/2014 Response
  1. Response 11/3/2014 to 10/24/2014 Request
  2. Response 11/20/2014 to 11/7/2014 Appeal
 9/18/2014 Kristina Kindl
Salt Lake City School District
  1. Request 9/18/2014 for information from or to Mr. J. Michael Clara, member of the Salt Lake City School District Board of Education
  1. Response 10/6/2014 to 9/18/2014 Request
 7/21/2014 Mark Gaylord
Ballard Spahr, LLP for JSSD
  1. Request 7/21/2014 for information relating to JSSD “standstill” agreement
  2. Appeal 8/22/2014 of 8/1/2014 Response
  3. Appeal 10/6/2014 to Records Committee of 9/5/2014 Response
  4. 3/20/2015 Agreement from JSSD to dismiss their Records Appeal
  1. Response 8/1/2014 to 7/21/2014 Request
  2. Response 9/5/2014 to 8/22/2014 Appeal
  3. Records Committee Denial of Appeal 12/22/2014
4/22/2014  Louis Malek
  1. Request 4/22/14 for audits regarding the Department of Corrections, specifically for the Draper prison including the prison’s Medical Services or Food Services unit.
  1. Response 5/4/2014
4/14/2014 – 4/21/2014

Steve S. Rawlings
Davis County Clerk/Auditor
  1. Request 4/14/2014 for audits and a variety of records from the Office of the Utah State Auditor, specifically those worked on by Van Christensen
  2. Response from Steve S. Rawlings on 4/24/2014 in response to OSA GRAMA response
  1. Response 4/21/2014
4/14/2014 – 4/21/2014 L. Douglas Stone
Lead Reporting Auditor
Davis County Clerk/Auditor’s Office
  1. Request 4/14/14 for information from the Office of the Utah State Auditor about Post Employment Benefit Plans
  1. Response 4/21/2014
2/5/2014 – 2/10/2014 Lynn Packer
  1. First Request 2/5/2014 concerning automotive usage by the Office of the Attorney General
  2. Second Request 2/10/2014 Continuation
  1. Response 1: 2/6/2014 and attachment
  2. Response 2:  2/10/2014
1/3/2014 – 1/16/2014 Brian Haun
Smith Hartvigsen PLLCAttorneys at Law
  1. Request 1/3/2014 for records corresponding to the J. Rodney Dansie, the Dansie Family, or Dansie Water Company, Foothills Water Company, Bagley & Company et al.
  1. Response 1/16/2014
11/5/2013 Paul Lydoph, IIILydolph & Weierholt Attorneys at Law
  1. Records pertaining to Adam Ferre
  2. Records pertaining to Angie Ferre
  3. Complete Request
  1. Response
John E.S. Robson
Fabian Law
  1. Initial Request: Any correspondence, email or other communication between the Office of the Utah State Auditor and any other party regarding the Board of Education of Salt Lake City School District or the Salt Lake City School District (collectively referred to as the “District”
  2. Records related to any complaints about the District received by the Office of the Utah State Auditor form (sic) any individual or entity; and
  3. Any documents provided to the Office of the Utah State Auditor under the its (sic) hotline program that relate to the District.
    Complete Request
  4. John Robson Appeal 7/31/2013
    Complete Appeal
  1. Response to Initial Request 
  2. Response to John Robson 8-7-13 Appeal
  3. Release of Information to John Robson 9-20-13
Reginald Williams
  1. Any Audits of the Utah Public Treasurers’ Investment Fund from 2007 to present.
    Complete Request
  2. Continuation of June Request and Response 9/5/13
    Complete Request (continuation)
  3. Continuation Request 10/1/2013
    Complete Request (2nd continuation)
  1. Response
  2. Complete Response (continuation)
  3. Complete Response (2nd continuation)
4/22/2013 Reginald Williams
  1. Requested Items: Report no. 7FR04
  2. Any Audit regarding the Inmate Trust Fund Account After 2007
  3. Any Audit regarding the Dept of Correction’s procurement practices since 2007.
  4. Complete Request
  1. Response 4/30/2013