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Office of the
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Data and Statistics

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This section hosts summaries, reports and documents created by the Office that analyze financial data and statistics about the State of Utah as well as certain calculations required by statute.

These include historical expenditures for the state, dating back to 1984, the Statement of Liabilities & Commitments for Utah dating back to 2014, as well as the Homestead Exemption and Transportation Fiscal Analysis.

Historical Expenditures for the State of Utah (Fiscal Year)

Below is the latest Statement of the State’s Liabilities and Commitments, including Government Activities, Business-Type Activities such as Revenue Bonds, Component units such as Universities and Colleges, and other State Commitments.

Utah Statement of Liabilities & Commitments

Homestead Exemption

Data Calculated by the Office of the State Auditor for the Homestead Exemption, Pursuant to Utah Code Annotated 78B-5-503, is found below

Homestead Exemption Value 2024

Homestead Exemption Value 2023

Homestead Exemption Value 2022

Transportation Fiscal Analysis – Impact of Gas Taxes on Transportation Spending

Transportation Fiscal Analysis – February 2020