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Title I Program Effectiveness

The Title I program is a federally-funded program that provides supplementary funds to schools with high percentages of students from families with low incomes to help students meet state academic standards.

The Title I Program Effectiveness dashboard, part of Project KIDS, explores the performance, demographic composition, and spending at Title I schools versus non-Title I schools. Students at Title I schools face heightened socioeconomic barriers and tend to have lower rates of educational attainment as compared to their non-Title I peers.

Furthermore, research results show that spending on the average student at Schoolwide Title I schools is 4% lower on average than at non-Title I schools, despite the additional federal funding. Title I funding is not always supplemental, and this funding is needed to address educational inequities to raise student achievement. Current spending patterns at Title I schools fail to overcome the socioeconomic barriers that students at these schools face.