Office of the
State Auditor


Audit Reports

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The Office provides Utah taxpayers and government officials with an independent assessment of financial operation, statutory compliance, and performance management for state and local government.

The Office is divided into functional groups, Financial Audit, Performance Audits and Data Analysis, Special Projects and Local Government. The State Privacy Officer is also part of the Office. Information and audit reports from each group are available.

Reports from at least the last 9 years are immediately downloadable from the site, and many older reports are available as well.  All items are publicly available and no GRAMA request is required to obtain any of this information from the Office.

How to Find a Report

A chart with the title Financial ReportsTo search for reports, please use the menu at right to select the Search Audit Reports button which allows you to search reports issued by our Office and Local Government entities.  You can search all reports by key word. In addition you can search by entity type.

For example, to search for the Single Audit (statewide audit) or Annual Comprehensive Financial Report for the State (ACFR),  please The printout of a numerical table and chart accompanied by a calculatorselect “Office of the State Auditor Reports” and then select “State of Utah” as the entity. Both Financial and Performance Audits performed by our Office are included in this search.  You can search all entities or a single entity and you can search for a specific year or all years included in the database.  In addition you can search for information about local government entities, including budgets and financial statements. Select the type of entity, such as County, that is of interest. Then the list of counties will appear in the entity drop down. You can also select year or document type to narrow your search.