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Methodology – Performance

These interactive dashboards are designed to show the relationship between student performance and education spending in Utah showing average testing proficiency and median growth compared to average per-student spending by LEA.

The dashboards integrate data that is collected and published by the Utah State Board of Education (USBE). Sources include Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence (SAGE) Reports, and Student Growth Percentiles (SGP) Reports as well as local education agency (LEA) Annual Financial Reports (AFRs) and Average Daily Membership (ADM) reports. By using interactive dashboards, the intent is to make it easier for the public to analyze complex data.

One important item to note is that capital expenses (such as building and bond costs) are often not reflected in common sources of education spending. The cost of buildings and other capital expenses are a sizeable portion of education spending. The dashboards include a toggle function that permits a user to see spending, including and excluding these capital expenses.

Data Integration Methodology- Spending and Proficiency Dashboards