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Below are links to selected articles and news clips referring to the Office of the State Auditor. Where a specific topic generated multiple reports, they have been grouped by topic. Items are listed with most recent first.

Office of the State Auditor Releases Audits of the Utah State Fair Corporation – May 2019

State Fairpark’s finances looking up even as auditor dings management for lax oversight of employee expenses
By Dan Harrie | Salt Lake Tribune
May 21, 2019

Utah State Fairpark enjoyed successful year but could do more, according to audit
By Dennis Romboy | Deseret News
May 21, 2019

Office of the State Auditor Releases a Review of Property and Evidence Storage and Management Among Selected Utah Law Enforcement Agencies – May 2019

Local police weigh in after state audit reveals lax standards in Utah evidence rooms
Cody Blowers | St George News
May 8, 2019

Some Utah law enforcement agencies don’t keep track of seized property and evidence, review finds
By Paighten Harkins | Salt Lake Tribune
May 1, 2019

Audit scrutinizes how Utah police departments handle evidence
By Ben Winslow | Fox13 News
May, 2019

State audit finds missing evidence, unsecured cash in various Utah police departments
By Jadob Scholll | Standard-Examiner
May 1, 2019

Audit Finds Lost Evidence at Utah Police Departments
By Associated Press, Wire Service Content
May 2, 2019

State Audit Finds Police Agencies Losing Cash, Firearms In Their Custody
By Rebecca Ellis | KUER
May 2, 2019

Audit finds lost evidence at Utah police departments
By Lindsay Whitehurst | Associated Press KSL News
May 2nd, 2019

Utah police departments need to do better at keeping track of stored evidence, audit finds
By Pat Reavy | Deseret News
Published: May 4, 2019 5:20 pm

Gehrke: How will Utah’s police respond now that an audit shows mistakes in handling evidence
By Robert Gehrke | Salt Lake Tribune
May 6, 2019

Office of the State Auditor Issues Management Letter to the Utah Department of Transportation – February 2019

Oops. Because UDOT used outdated Census data, some cities received too much in road funds and others too little
By Lee Davidson | Salt Lake Tribune
February 15, 2019

Office of the State Auditor Releases its Information Systems Audit of the Controlled Substance Database – February 2019

Unlicensed medical providers accessed Utah prescription drug database, audit shows
By Dennis Romboy |Deseret News
February 13, 2019

Utah’s Controlled Substance Database susceptible to hacking, auditors warn
By Nate Carlisle|Salt Lake Tribune
February 13, 2019

Office of the State Auditor Releases A Performance Audit of
Police Officer Standards and Training – January 2019

Utah’s police regulators discipline 3 officers, discuss what constitutes ‘lying
By Nate Carlisle|Salt Lake Tribune
March 19, 2019

Utah is more lenient regarding police misconduct than other states, audit finds
By Pat Reavy | Deseret News
January 30, 2019

Audit finds Utah police officers get ‘lenient’ discipline
by Cristina Flores | KUTV2
January 30, 2019

Audit: Utah is lenient on discipline toward police officers in misconduct cases
By Jacob Scholl | Standard-Examiner
January 30, 2019

Office of the State Auditor Releases Two Reports of Programs within Utah’s System of Public Education – January 2019

Where did 3,000 Utah students go? An audit finds big gap between online preschool’s enrollment and how many kids later showed up in kindergarten.
By Courtney Tanner |Salt Lake Tribune
January 29, 2019

Office of the State Auditor Releases its Special Project Report on Fayette Town – January 2019

Clerk in a small Utah town with 250 residents embezzled $300K in public funds over 9 years
By Lee Davidson | Salt Lake Tribune
January 23, 2019

Utah State Auditor says former town clerk misappropriates over $300K during 9-year period
by Hunter Geisel | KUTV2
January 24, 2019

Office of the State Auditor Announces its Information Systems Audit of The Department of Public Safety, Driver License Division – January 2019

State audit reveals Utah Drivers License Division may overshare personal info
By Todd Fooks |KSL NewsRadio
January 15, 2019

Driver license division improperly shared Utahns’ personal data, audit says
By Dennis Romboy | Deseret News
January 15, 2019

New audit says Utah’s Driver License Division discloses more than it should
By Ben Winslow |Fox13 News
January 15, 2019

Audit: Driver License Division disclosed more information than it was supposed to
Jenn Gardiner | ABC4 Good4Utah
January 15, 2019

Utah Driver License Division illegally shares some personal data
By Lee Davidson | Salt Lake Tribune
January 15, 2019