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2013 – 2014 News Releases

News Releases from the Office of the State Auditor – 2013 -2014

2014 Audit Reports and News

Office Completes Audit of Federal Funds Received by State in Fiscal Year 2014 – December 2014

Office Issues A Limited Performance Audit of The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control – November 2014

Office Issues A Performance Audit of The Governor’s Office of Economic Development Corporate Incentives Program – October 2014

Office Issues Analysis of Utah Property Tax System Showing Significant Calculation Errors Across the State – July 2014

Who Audits the Auditor? Office of the Utah State Auditor Successfully Completes Peer Review – April 2014

Office Releases Audited Financial Statement of Utah Fund of Funds – March 2014

Office Releases A Limited Performance Audit of The Utah State Fair Corporation – March 2014

Office Releases List of Delinquent Filers Among Utah’s Local Government Entities – March 2014

Office Issues Results of Investigation into Certain Financial Activities of Eagle Mountain City and Utah County – February 2014

Office Releases A Graphical Analysis of Utah’s Reliance on Federal Funding – February 2014

Office Releases An Inquiry and Analysis of Vehicle Usage in the Office of the Attorney General – January 2014

Office Releases A Performance Audit of State Buildings and Land – February 2014

2013 Audit Reports and News

Office Completes Audit of Federal Funds Received by State – December 2013

Presentation of the DABC Financial Audit Progress Interim Report and Final Audit Report – November 2013

A Performance Audit of the Division of Rehabilitation Services Cost Controls – September 2013

A Performance Audit of State Agency Internal Audit Services – August 2013

Utah Retirement Systems Performance Audit –  February 2013

Minimum School Program

Department of Workforce Services

Recent Statements and Releases from the Office