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Quick Search – Detailed search for Employee Pay or Vendor Pay

At the top of the Transparent Utah page, just below the title bar, you will see the Quick Search bar. Use the drop down menu on the left to select your search topic, then type the appropriate name on the search bar.  This is the quickest way to search for an individual employee or vendor. Use the drop down menu on the left to choose between the search bars.

Employee Payroll Quick Search Bar

Quick Search Employee Payroll

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Employee Payroll Quick Search

Vendor Payment Quick Search Bar

Quick Search Bar Vendor Payments

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Vendor Payments Quick Search

Search Details and Tips

The ability to match a specific name, or partial name matches is very powerful and Transparent Utah includes that ability to help you in your searches.

If you enter a name in the search bar, it will provide you a list of choices that match your initial search (such as ‘doug’). You can either click on the “SEARCH” button on the right and it will return results for all of the matches, OR you can select ONE of the names in the list and then select Search and it will return results for that single name.

The employee pay or vendor pay searches allow you to “drill down” in your searching.  A name has multiple parts (i.e. first name, middle name and last name for employees, or multiple words in company names).  

For example, if you search for “doug dougall”, this will match the same names as just “doug” (since “doug” matches “dougall”).

In the search, case is ignored so that “Doug” or “DOUG” will match the same names as “doug”.

If you place a dash (“-“) before any word or letter (i.e. “dougall -b”), then that word or letter must not be in the name – so this example will yield any dougalls that do NOT also have a “b” elsewhere in the full name.  As an example,  “dougall -d” will match nothing.

If you want to match leading or trailing part of a name (match “dougall” but not “mcdougall”), place a single quote (‘) on that side of the word
(i.e. ” ‘dougall ” will not match “mcdougall” but will still match “dougallson” and ” ‘dougall’ ” will just match “dougall”).