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Highest Paid Vendors

By default this page provides lists of the State of Utah’s vendors based on either Largest Single Payment or Largest Payees (by fiscal year).  

Vendors provide everything from simple office supplies to road construction to help the State fulfill its commitments to provide citizens needed services. On this page you can look at the vendors which are paid the highest amounts by the State. Click on any number in the the total column on the right side to see more detail.

Video Tour of
Highest Paid Vendors Section

Video Quick Tour of the Highest Paid Vendors Section

Detailed Vendor Search

Detailed Search for Vendors IconHow much do government entities pay vendors?  On this page you can find out!  Different government entities may use different names for what seems to be the same vendor. “Office Depot/Office Max” may include the city name, the store number, or just one of the two names.  The same rules apply to vendor names as to employee names (see the Quick Search above for details). 

Below you can see a search for “okl cons”  (matches Okland Construction), but can also match any other firms or joint ventures with “okl” and “cons”in thenamescreenshot of search for Okl Cons showing results for Okland Construction multiple years and multiple entities

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Detailed Vendor Search